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Getting started with Proficonf API

To use the API you first need to register an account and create a workspace.

Once this is done, create a conference, which we will later embed on your site. Click the "Schedule" button, enter the name of the meeting in the form that appears, and leave everything else as the default.

Getting Started with Proficonf API

After creating a meeting, click on the "Copy Link" button and save this URL, as we will need it later.


You can also create a meeting using the REST API instead of the Web UI.


Now it's time to write some code 😉

Create a new HTML document, add this <script> tag right before closing </body> tag to link the library.

<script src=""></script>

Now let's create an object and call the join method to enter the meeting.

const api = new Proficonf({
meetingUrl: 'YOUR_SAVED_URL_HERE', // example:
user: {
name: 'Tester'


You can find the full list of available options in the Iframe API Reference docs.

At this point we have to initialize the iframe and enter the room. In the next section, we will learn how to use the api to manage the meeting.